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 A weekly magazine television series showcasing the natural beauty and unique lifestyle found only in the American Desert!  

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American Desert Magazine is the realization of the long standing widely based desire to explore and experience some of the most  beautiful regions in the United States – The American Desert.

The American Desert is comprised of North America’s four major deserts: The Great Basin Desert – the largest desert in North America - located primarily in Nevada; The Mojave Desert – the hottest desert in North America, located primarily in south-eastern California; The Chihuahuan Desert – the second largest desert in North America, located in the southwest US and northern Mexico and The Sonoran Desert – a desert located in the southwest US and northwest Mexico. 

For centuries these regions, which receive less than 10 inches of annual precipitation, have been home to human life, from ancient hunters and farmers, to Native Americans and finally to today’s inhabitants who enjoy its warm, dry climate and stunning vistas. 

Each week, American Desert Magazine, a fast paced half-hour television series and its companion web site – experience up-close and personal tours of these great natural destinations and the attractions they possess – both natural and manmade - with an emphasis on their historical significance, current day characteristics and influence on our nation. 

Viewers experience firsthand; the recreational, cultural and historical attractions of the American Desert while at the same time learning about its sights, sounds, geography, weather, useful “if you go” information and "what to do" when you arrive.  


Sample Episodes of American Desert Magazine

Viva Las Vegas!

 The spawning of the hottest desert playground ever – Las Vegas. We chronicle it’s seamy past and look forward to its bright future; along the way we visit: Mount Charleston, Lake Mead, and Atomic Testing Museum. Later on we’ll sample some Oxygen Bars on the Strip and tour some fabulous homes in The Lakes at West Sahara. We’ll introduce regular features like outdoor desert living, food and fun all in your own backyard 


Golf in Palm Springs...and more!


Amid lush farmland replete with golf courses, condos, and millionaires, Palm Springs embodies a strange mix of Spanish Colonial and mid-twentieth-century modernist architecture. Just east of LA, the clean desert dry air, non-stop sunshine and therapeutic hot springs is what first attracted Hollywood’s elite in the ‘30s where they laid claim to ranch estates and holing up in fancy hotels. The Coachella Valley has also become a green marvel with its power generating windmills, which we’ll take in along with a tour of Frank Sinatra’s house, a laid back spa experience and some after hours dining that’ll make your mouth water! 


The Grand Canyon


Adventure and outdoor enthusiasts will have no trouble filling their days and nights here because in the American Desert, there’s no shortage of one of a kind National Forests and Parks. This week, we’ll bring you the best of the best as we traverse the Southwest to explore the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Red Rock, Joshua Tree, The Gila Nat’l Forest, White Sands, Canyon Lake, and Killpecker Sand Dunes. We’ll also take the fun home where we’ll show you what outdoor activities you can bring to your own backyard and finish off with an outdoor smorgasbord from our go-to food guy.


Five Star Resorts


Get ready to stand shoulder to should with stars and kings on your next vacation as we kick back at the top resorts in the American Desert has to offer. Whether you’re wearing a crown or a baseball cap, these locales will make you feel like royalty. From the glamour of Vegas to the laid back elegance of Scottsdale this is one show you won’t want to miss Also how can you bring that resort feeling to your own home food mastermind will give you a meal fit for a king. 


Casinos: Playgrounds for the young and old!


Every day, vacationers ranging from billionaires to retirees travel far and wide to rub elbows in the many gaming palaces that are spread throughout the American desert. Vegas and Reno aren’t the only names in the game as we explore the world of casinos and the blockbuster shows, five-star cuisine, and technological wonders they employ to keep their visitors comfortable. We’ll see what you can do in your own palace to for luxurious comfort and an economical price. Finally, our own top chef we’ll give you ideas for fine dining in at you dinner table. 


Rafts to Riverboats


Water sports anyone? Hitting the waves isn’t just for the beach. In the desert, you can choose between taking up permanent residence on the crystal blue in your own beautiful houseboat, hitting the whitewater by raft, canoe, or kayak, and filling your need for speed on jet boats. How about enjoying taking a step into the past with the riverboat palace, The Colorado King. Whatever your choice of watercraft, we’ll show how to keep it clean and protect it against the elements while waiting in your backyard for the next excursion. We’ll also see what The Colorado King’s chef’s favorite meal to prepare. 


The American Desert will lead you to...


An unforgettable experience of a lifetime!